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Silicon Valley Seminars®

If you have an interest in any and all aspects of the United States Patent Process and Patent Office Procedures including the new America Invents Act (AIA), you are in the right place. We at Silicon Valley Seminars strive to provide hands on patent education geared to the Patent Professional including: Patent Attorneys and Patent Agents; Patent Secretaries and Paralegals; Patent Docketing Specialists; Patent Administrators; and Patent Clerks—as well as to the Non-Patent Professionals interested in patents including: General Attorneys; Business and Technical People; and Individual Inventors. Our workshops are NOT merely lecture halls with PowerPoint text flying overhead, indeed we don't use PowerPoint presentations at all. Rather, we "discuss" the material being presented and constantly resort to real life examples and we entertain questions throughout. Of course many of you already know this since you have already attended one or more of our workshops which, incidentally, began in 1984.

So, if it's Claim Drafting, the Patent Process, the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), or a patent workshop customized to meet your needs, please let us known. I can be reached directly by email ([email protected]) or by telephone (520/825-8874).

Steve Shear, Director, SVS

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  • Icon Header The Trials of Adrian Wheeler

    The original publisher of Steve’s novel, The Trials of Adrian Wheeler,went out of business. Since then, it has been republished with a new cover. If you’re interested go to his personal website (www.steveshear.net) or for more information go directly to Amazon by clicking the title above


  • Icon Header TelePatent Patents and the Patent Process Workshop

    Dates: 03/12/14 - 03/14/14
    Location: Conducted via Teleconference
    Time: 11:00 AM - 01:30 PM Mountain Time

  • Icon Header TelePatent PCT Patent Workshop

    Dates: 03/26/14 - 03/28/14
    Location: Conducted via Teleconference
    Time: 11:00 AM - 01:30 PM Mountain Time

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